Artist Statement


I take visual cues from the environment and intuitively express it in my own way.  All materials are fair game for my art. Nothing has priority. Each material has its own character, history, and property. The materials I use can be welded, molded, and/or bent; assembled with string, glues, and fasteners; and sometimes painted.

Usually beginning with familiar images, I develop these ideas like a jazz artist uses a basic melody as a starting point. A dialog takes place in the building of my objects and the effects I desire are achieved through knowledge gained by my personal experiences, observations, and of course, helped by a lot of accidents and failures. I keep asking questions during construction. When I listen and observe attentively, not only is the residual effect achieved, but the mystery of its making is also revealed or sometimes concealed.

I exploit ideas further by using narratives; by determining size; and also by choosing a combination of contrasting materials that would visually best support the sculpture. Internalization has become an important part of my work and I compose spaces that invite the viewer to spend time observing spatial relationships as they move around the work.