Birds of prey sitting securely on perches as watchful sentries, poised and ready for action.

Materials: PVC, CD/DVD discs, steel rods, colored glass nuggets, and paint

Inspired by Japanese large scare-eye balloons, I wanted to make a type of scarecrow for my berry gardens.  Gardeners in my area hang discarded CD/DVD discs in the trees to distract birds from eating their crops. I modified DVD discs by inserting colorful glass nuggets in the center and if this wasn’t enough I chose to make predator bird forms on a perch. This would really scare them.

I used PVC pipes to construct the bodies because of its cost, flexibility, and durability for outdoor applications. I heated, twisted, formed, glued, fastened, and painted the PVC.

These bird forms have moving parts and such an expressive appeal that I decided not to use them as scarecrows. I planted more berries to satisfy the birds and my family, and kept the sculptures for my own visual pleasure.

Nine were completed and painted in different colors suggestive by the hue of the disc. The interior designs on the esophagus are painted by my wife, Susanne Wilson. Each bird can be turned on its perch 280° if mounted on the wall or 360° mounted on a base.

Esophagus detail of Bird #8
Parts for construction of Bird #8


All Nine Birds