Cosmic Florid

Whirling hot inflation of space perpetually changing old matter to new where colorful forms are ignited and rewarding our appetite for seeing.

Materials: bamboo, sized cotton crinoline, high tensile strength steel wire and paint
Dimensions: 5’8″h x 50″w x 15.5″d

My observations of organic design in turkey tail fungi combined with unique color and design of flowers are part of the many inspirations for “Cosmic Florid”. Their short lived glory, purpose, death, and renewal appeared to me as if a different form of life, but it is the same as all matter in the universe as we know today.

I created a flower like form (florid) with familiar materials such as sized cotton crinoline supported with bamboo and steel wire.  It is circular with a void in the center and chaotic forms that move outward painted mostly red, culminating with three small, bright bursts of color.

It is intended to be viewed suspended by wire or monofilament string at eye level.